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Virtual Sales Manager

Is your business expanding and you’re just not ready to hire a full time sales manager yet? Let us help!

Our Virtual Sales Manager program brings years of sales experience to your team, offering all the benefits of an in-house Sales Manger, at a fraction of the cost!  

Your Virtual Sales Manager will provide temporary or long-term oversight of your team, process, performance, and strategy to improve productivity and profitability. 

If you are a growing organization, not quite ready to hire a full-time Sales Manger, or an established company in transition, our Virtual Sales Manager program provides a cost-effective and experienced sales manager to:

  • Create structure and accountability for your sales team
  • Set clear objectives that align with the organization’s objectives
  • Measure results and monitor sales activities
  • Coach and mentor sales reps

Contact us to customize your Virtual Sales Manager Plan and take your sales to the next level