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Effective Communication

NHS must move with the times In a recent speech the Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, pushed for the NHS to make a move towards digital communications. He advocated for the use of email, stating that ‘having to deal with outdated technology is hugely frustrating for staff and patients alike – and in […]

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Organise your team with Task Engine – Book a demo today http://www.pandoracare.co.uk/pandora-care-book-demo

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…and again, Pandora Care Management Software can assist you with every element of your healthcare business. But what brings it all together? Two words, Task Engine. What is Task Engine? Task Engine is very simply, a task management system. It is a unique tool that draws from […]

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Pandora can solve your care home problems GO TO PAGE NOW www.pandoracare.co.uk

Well, that’s a bold statement for us to make isn’t it? ‘Pandora can solve your care home problems’, the question is…can we back it up with evidence? Of course we can! Read on.. Problem 1 – ‘There’s a meeting in 5 minutes and I can’t find the service user’s file!’ Our solution to this scenario […]

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Pandora Care Management system costs less! SAYS > www.pandoracare.co.uk

Yes, you heard us right! Sit back, relax, and let us explain how Pandora care management system could work out to be considerably cheaper than you realise. Saving Solutions As all of us working in the healthcare industry are very much aware, costs are being cut all over the place. But we are not about […]

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Patient Care Management Software

Patient care management software is great right? It’s replaced the need for piles of paperwork, it’s streamlined processes and it’s ensured efficiency. The days of rummaging through paper files and handwriting endless entries into records are long gone. Basically patient care management software has completely revolutionised the way care is delivered. The future is bright […]

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New technology can be scary, we get that. The thought of bringing in a completely new software system might leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed and apprehensive. But with our care management solutions, we don’t just provide you with the software and wave goodbye. No, our job is not done when the software is installed and […]

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Care Management Solution to help the NHS – Says www.pandoracare.co.uk

The news these days is full of stories about the NHS. It seems like every day there is another story about how it’s looking to save money or about how there is masses of overspending. However, the NHS also has to provide reassurances that even though it is looking to save money, standards of care […]

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Introducing Pandora X #StatsMondays – www.pandoracare.co.uk

”We caught up with our friends at www.pandoracare.co.uk and they are talking about Mondays!” Let’s be honest, Mondays are generally pretty rubbish aren’t they? It’s unusual to find someone who says they look forward to Mondays; it’s the first day back to work after the weekend, so what’s there to look forward to? Well over here […]